Excerpt from Chapter Two

Manstein – THE INNER GENIUS WITHIN US ALL by Jason Hughes

Excerpt from Chapter Two:

Who is Jason Hughes, really? I had experienced an internal shift, but
I did not have the first clue toward exploring or understanding any
of it. Why did this whole event, loss, injury, and sudden complete shift happen
to me? These were some of the questions I started to wonder about in a conscious
way, but the answers were not falling out of the sky. I continued going through
the motions of my life with this new inquiry starting to permeate from deep
within me. I was also still a 17-year-old trying to fit into this life according to
everything coming at me in the way of social acceptance.

It became quite clear to me that I did not care as much about which clique
I used to hang with the most. I had spent countless hours living with hospital
patients who used to be just regular people until an emergency struck our physical
bodies and threatened our survival and the continuation of the normal life
we once led. The injuries and serious problems ranged from TBI, amnesia, and
amputations to heroin and drug addiction, heart failure and conditions. I saw
everything else that befall normal people such that they end up in an intensive
rehabilitation center.

Excerpt from Chapter One

Manstein – THE INNER GENIUS WITHIN US ALL by Jason Hughes

Excerpt from Chapter One:

I can only imagine that for a parent to lose a child is to go through the
worst possible pain in this life. The grieving process fell on limitless people
that truly loved Kubby. I, however, was not able to attend his funeral or
begin to understand how this loss would impact my life. It would become my
greatest injury, yet it would also become my greatest inspiration toward figuring
out how to claim and live out the life of my dreams.

About two weeks after my car crashed, I started to open my eyes. It was
blurry, and I was in and out of consciousness. It was like waking up very, very
slowly. Starting to see images around me was all I could do, and there was no
movement or voice coming from me. From this point forward, I never had a
single scared moment of wondering if I would get better. It was all I knew. I
would later realize that this great love I felt and saw during my near-death
experience was now living through me, and it lives through all of us.

Excerpt from Prologue

Manstein – THE INNER GENIUS WITHIN US ALL by Jason Hughes

Excerpt from Prologue:

It is presently 1988, and I am on top of the world. My mother and father
let me begin practicing my driving skills at an early age, so acing my driver’s
exam for my license was a breeze. I now have my hands wrapped around the
steering wheel of my first car, the ultimate driving machine, a 1977 BMW
320i. Unfortunately, I did not yet have the conscious awareness of how good I
really had it in my life up to this point. I was 16, an athlete, and totally into
girls. Although I may have thought I was happy, I was heading down the
wrong road very quickly.

The beautiful town nestled on the Long Island Sound and at the mouth
of the Connecticut River, Old Saybrook, Connecticut, could not have been a
more ideal place to grow up. My first big dreams in life revolved around the
sport of tennis, but I had given up those dreams to an active social life, drugs,
and the upcoming Grateful Dead concert to be held at the Oxford Speedway in
Maine on July 2.

Excerpt from Introduction

Manstein – THE INNER GENIUS WITHIN US ALL by Jason Hughes

Excerpt from Introduction:

The time has come in our human evolution to light up the world
of spirituality. That is the intent of this book and why Manstein the
Inner Genius has arrived at this precise moment in time. This is an
effort to spark something positive and loving to which people from
every walk of life can relate in profound ways. Every one of us has limitless
potential to gain a very real and loving tool with which to better
understand our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical condition. I
call this new tool “Manstein.” It is the inner genius within us all.

The principles of Manstein can be the most exciting way imaginable
to take charge of your physical, mental, and spiritual life. Integrated
consciously and used properly in each aspect of our lives,
Manstein can guide us toward the life of our dreams. We all have a
unique and truly powerful inner genius that stays with us for our entire
life. This book is written to open us up in an inspiring way to the
Higher Truth of a spiritual life worth living within our physical existence.

Questions to Ponder

Manstein – THE INNER GENIUS WITHIN US ALL by Jason Hughes

Questions to Ponder:

Are you aware that life is a choice? Do you realize the true power of making conscious positive choices? Do you realize the depth of the thoughts you choose to allow into your mind? Thoughts are magnets, and they create our lives one at a time, so do you feel you have a balanced control over your thoughts? Why wait for something bad, negative, or tragic to happen before you wake UP to a new life worth living, one that is revolved around positive choices, love, healing, peace, and happiness from the inside out? Will you read my own personal story to connect deeper to your own life happening right now?

Great Quotes selected by Jason Hughes

Manstein – THE INNER GENIUS WITHIN US ALL by Jason Hughes

Great Quotes selected by Jason Hughes:

“Great Spirits Have Always Encountered Violent Opposition From Mediocre Minds”
by Albert Einstein.

“We are all the greatest miracle that ever was, is, or will be”
by Manstein.