Excerpt from Chapter Ten

Manstein – THE INNER GENIUS WITHIN US ALL by Jason Hughes

Excerpt from Chapter Ten:

I had an overwhelming number of positive and meaningful experiences
with all of my work, new friends, and opportunities in my hometown, it
was surely onward and upward. Or so I thought. I felt like my path, soulship,
and whole relationship with myself was completely intact. I felt I could rise to
any test or challenge life could throw at me and overcome it to keep going forward
as if it was all smooth sailing from here on out.

All of my external relationships were flourishing and growing because
my internal relationship felt balanced, peaceful, and happy. I never wanted to
utter the words, “I think I have had enough of this personal growth and spiritual
stuff,” because I knew my ego would step in and take the helm really fast
if I did. I did not want to sleepwalk or just go through the motions of life ever

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