Excerpt from Chapter Eight

Manstein – THE INNER GENIUS WITHIN US ALL by Jason Hughes

Excerpt from Chapter Eight:

The words love and heart became synonymous in my world, and the
words fear and ego did too. If I allowed fear into my system, my ego
came out, and it was a recipe for disaster, self-induced pain, and heartache. I
was choosing to identify with my heart, while letting the false evidence of fear
be an illusion of my mind. On that note, I left Boston for Vermont.

In a way, I considered myself to be out of my mind going to a place where
the plan was to spend money and earn zero for an undetermined amount of
time. I knew I was taking a risk, but it was worth it. Two of my closest friends
and I decided to start the “Root and Vine Juice Company” in Burlington, Vermont.

The plan was to grow the business enough to get a small-business loan or
investment. We established nearly one hundred accounts (delicatessens, health
food markets, convenience stores, bakeries, sandwich shops, coffee houses, etc.),
and we were clearly labeled the “Juice Guys” of Northern Vermont.We pressed
and made potions of juice like nobody’s business.We made a valiant effort, but
we got squeezed out of business like a Florida orange by the bigger, flash-pasteurized

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