Excerpt from Chapter Seven

Manstein – THE INNER GENIUS WITHIN US ALL by Jason Hughes

Excerpt from Chapter Seven:

I felt incredibly unique knowing I was not applying for jobs after graduating
from Northeastern University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication
Studies. I was armed with a piece of paper that could possibly get me
in the door of many entry-level positions at various companies, but that was
toward the back of the line in my mind. I may not have known much at this
point in my life, but I did know that beginning a 5-, 10-, 15-, or 40-year
career at one company was not calling my name.

I had gained some clarity, but I still considered going the overly travelled
path that was all around me. I believe my family perceived my injuries in my
car accident as just related to my physical being and that they did not yet fully
understand how much this whole event shifted and changed my consciousness
and calling in life. I was only listening more and more to this calling, and a job
I was “supposed” to get was not ringing any truth in my ears.

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