Excerpt from Chapter Six

Manstein – THE INNER GENIUS WITHIN US ALL by Jason Hughes

Excerpt from Chapter Six:

My heart always felt good when it was resting in Connecticut. Home
is where the heart is, and I felt spiritually connected to my hometown.
I was happy to take a job teaching tennis a couple of small towns away
from Old Saybrook. I had several major and meaningful wake-up calls in
Texas while reading and implementing knowledge from the many great books
I wrapped my heart around. It was the beginning of a whole new life as far as
I was concerned, and I wanted a conscious unfolding love story to happen in
every area of my life.

I was very content teaching tennis, exercising, playing tennis, and truly
feeling new spiritual knowledge blooming within me. I clearly wanted more,
and being human, I started to once again look more outside myself than inside.
I knew I had not yet discovered a manual to guide me eternally through life
without making more mistakes (or at least limit them…) or experiencing
growing pains. In a healthy way, I kept my eyes open for more in every area of
my life. At the same time, I was open for change, opportunity, and growth
going forward into a bright future.

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