The Best Day of Your Life

I have often asked the question, “Tell me about the best day of your life?” It is interesting to see where many eyes go, where their mind goes, and what their response is…as it is often rooted in the past or some future event or place that has not even happened yet! They say, “…the best day of my life was when I got my license, graduated, went to college, got my first job, got a promotion, gave birth to my baby, bought a house, quit my job, and on and on and on. Or, they say, “…the best day of my life will be when I win the lottery, go on vacation, get that promotion, quit my job, get married, can afford to buy a house, and on and on and on. These are all valid responses to my trick question, and all of these moments sounds amazing and miraculous, but all of them have already happened or have not even become a realistic possibility. The people who immediately respond, “Today is the best day of my life!” They are the ones that are living life to the fullest, and accepting the present moment as it is right now. They are not resisting against what is, and they are seeing “green grass” everywhere they look, because they know in their heart that the grass is as green as it is going to get right here at home. Quite simply, today will always be the best day of our lives and there is no other way it can be. Make the best of it, and create this day with wise choices and positive thoughts. And always listen to your heart. Enjoy the day!

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